About Us

We are a Hamilton based family business that was founded circa 1960 by Richard N Wymer. We have been delivering Potable (Drinking) water to the Hamilton and surrounding Waikato area for more than 50 years. The company is still owned & operated by the Wymer family and is managed by son Richard.



Our small long serving Wymer's team includes employee Bob who will answer your call and arrange to have your water delivered to you at the earliest opportunity.

Our long term driver Don has been delivering water to Hamilton and surrounding areas for many years and knows the location and setting of all our long term customers' locations, water tanks & driveways.

In peak demand times, others, including Part time driver Henry or family members Richard or Kevin Wymer may be at your service



Important Points to Note

  • We are a Registered Ministry of Health Drinking Water Carrier No. WC00152
  • We are a Professional Domestic Water Carrier and only carry and supply Potable water from Ministry of Health approved sources.
  • We only use calibrated Stainless Steel Water tankers
  • Our guarantee of satisfaction is 50 years in a family owned & operated Domestic Water business
  • No Turds, Toxics or wastes in our business!

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